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Calculate your current cost for Scheduling
Cost to Build the Schedule
Your store has about employees.
Your manager works hours to build the schedule each week.
A scheduling manager is paid about dollars per hour.
{{ priceCalcForm.managerSchedulingHours }} x   {{ priceCalcForm.managerHourlyRate | currency }}   x   4 =   {{ priceCalcResults.schedulingCost | currency}}
hrs/week hourly pay weeks per month
Cost of Processing Requests
You average requests for changes to the schedule every week.
Spending time to figure out how a trade affects the schedule, then reference the black book to figure out days off...
{{ priceCalcForm.numManagerInteractionsPerWeek }} x   0.10 hrs   x   {{ priceCalcForm.managerHourlyRate | currency }}   x   4 =   {{ priceCalcResults.managerInteractionCost | currency}}
Requests 6 Min to deal hourly pay weeks per month
Cost of Employees Checking a Paper Schedule On-site vs. Online
While on the clock, your employees check the schedule on the wall...
They write it down or take a picture. Then, they make decisions about changes that need to be made.
{{ priceCalcForm.numEmployees }}   x   {{ priceCalcForm.empCheckSchedule }} min   /   60   x   4 x   $8.00 =   {{ priceCalcResults.empConvenienceCost | currency }}
Emp Min to Check hours weeks Min Wage per month
Potential Hidden Costs ?
Cost to onboard a new employee
(hiring process, supplies, training, opportunity cost in the store)
You had employees turn over last year because of conflicts with scheduling.
{{ priceCalcForm.onboardingCost | currency }}   x   {{ priceCalcForm.numTurnovers }}   /   12 =   {{ priceCalcResults.turnoverCostPerMonth | currency }}
Onboarding # Employees months per month
Your current cost:
{{ priceCalcResults.totalPerMonth | currency }}
per month
{{ priceCalcResults.shiftSubscriptionCost | currency }}
Monthly Service
Many customers report spending 15min/week ({{ priceCalcResults.shiftLaborCost | currency }}/month) making the schedule with Shift Agent.
Call us to receive pricing for organizations 150 employees and over.
You could save:
{{ priceCalcResults.savingsPerMonth | currency }}/month
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