About Shift Agent™


We believe in redeeming the business/employee relation and building a culture of hospitality through better scheduling. We believe in helping businesses to succeed, and that when this happens, it becomes possible for communities to flourish. Our mission is to raise the quality of the workclimate, so that you can build a great culture and save time and money.

The philosophy behind Shift Agent is that your time is valuable, and we want to multiply your effectiveness by giving you the tools you need to schedule your store with excellence. Shift Agent is designed to foster personal responsibility among your employees as we provide powerful flexibility.



Our team loves working together to solve hard problems. With years of experience in working with industry leaders, we have created a scheduling solution for you that has your whole team in mind.

We started building Shift Agent because we saw a market need for improved communication in industries that have the hourly employees. We believe in using design thinking to make the best scheduling tool in the world that places a high value on excellent operations and caring for people.

The Shift Agent Labs team is an alliance member of The Bissell Group.