Schedule for Labor Efficiency and build a culture of hospitality.

Shift Agent is a mobile web application that allows you to publish the ideal employee schedule quickly.

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Shift Agent on computers and mobile devices
"In the nine years that I have been an Operator, Shift Agent has brought more relief than any other piece of technology I have ever rolled out in my store."
- Brandon
Chick-fil-A Blue Springs
"In the nine years that I have been an Operator, Shift Agent has brought more relief than any other piece of technology I have ever rolled out in my store."
- Brandon
Chick-fil-A // Blue Springs
Shift Agent on computers and mobile devices
How does better scheduling
build a culture of hospitality?
We believe that an ideal schedule meets the needs of individuals while improving operational efficiency. When this happens, everyone feels valued and a culture of hospitality is able to emerge.
Encourage leadership
and responsibility
By giving every team member a profile to input their individual scheduling needs, Shift Agent decentralizes communication and provides leadership the proper context for each decision.
When to say yes and no
Everyone experiences
the difference
By reducing the stress on leadership, everyone from the Owners all the way to the guests will experience the difference of a productive team serving with grateful attitudes.

Shift Agent has helped us to improve our culture and keeps our team members happy by allowing them to have a consistent schedule. It empowers us to run our business effectively and efficiently with the right people in the right places all day, every day.          

Brian // Chick-fil-A Temple Terrace
Power Features
Save Time
Build Culture
Increase Profit
Streamline Communication
Increase Flexibility
Save Time with the impressive
power of Smart Scheduling.
By keeping track of operational needs while factoring in personnel requests, Smart Scheduling recommends the best choices for each shift while still keeping the leadership in control.

Your team is going to love you.
Increase Profit.
The Shift Agent timeline allows you to find and create ways to increase profit through better scheduling.

You can create labor models and save them as templates that can be adjusted to the 1/4 hour, perfected, and reapplied. It’s the pathway to Lean Labor.
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Increase profit by finding ways to trim labor and saving them as a template
Mobile flexibility
for accurate decisions.
Raise the level of flexibility for your team and prevent operational chaos. All requests from the team come to one place.

Understand how a trade affects the schedule before you approve:
Manager's trade analysis
Make operationally accurate decisions about trades, giveaways and days off from wherever you are.
Manager's approve trades between employees

I absolutely love Shift Agent. No more getting calls and texts at all hours... having everything done right through Shift Agent is so convenient and makes my life so much easier!          

Emily // 4 Rivers Smokehouse
Experience seamless
availability changes.
Shift Agent gives employees the opportunity to make requests to update their availability online.

You process and approve each change before it goes into effect.

As you build the schedule, Shift Agent refers to the correct availability for each employee.
Manager's approve updates to availability
  • Review the availability update before you approve it.
  • Each employee chooses whether the new set goes into effect immediately or some date in the future.
  • Manage expectations by seeing how many hours the employee wants to work.

Operate with Confidence

All of the tasks related to scheduling become a lot easier with Shift Agent.

build employee schedule on a beautiful interface

Quickly assign shifts and create templates that make filling shifts a breeze week after week.

manage availability for each employee

Review and approve all requests for changes in employee availability.

smart scheduling fill each shift with the right employee

All the information you need is available as you select the right employee for each shift.

smart scheduling fill each shift with the right employee

Allocate hours exactly as you want. Monitor employee expectations in one simple view.

Meet operations goals for budget and labor

Achieve your labor budget every time. Shift Agent brings operations a fresh look.

manage days off easily

All requests for time off come with a reason, and they are listed in order.

respond to trade requests from anywhere

See how each trade affects the schedule & give quick answers.

send news and announcements to employees

Send announcements to your employees. Communicate more with fewer expensive meetings!

send news and announcements to employees

Make better decisions with the ability to analyze your store's availability in the future.

Provide clear and reliable communication

Whether on location or on the go, everyone is able to manage their schedule.

Schedule Online

The moment the schedule is published, it becomes immediately available for you to help you plan your life.

Time Off

Request for days off from your mobile device. Receive SMS updates when your manager makes a decision.

Trade Shifts

Trade or give away your shifts with your teammates, and communicate easily.

Manage requests

Decide about every trade or day-off request (with helpful recommendations) from your mobile device.

Message your team

Need to remind everyone of a meeting or a new policy? Send the team a store-wide message .

Track Shift Progress

Throughout the day, you can see the remaining length of each shift, as well as who is coming in next.

Start enjoying the benefits of better scheduling today.